Monumenta 2016: A Hulking Serpent Invades Paris

Monumenta is the largest ephemeral art event in Paris. Each year, for the span of a few weeks, an artist is charged with the daunting task of filling the 13,500 m2 of the nave of the Grand Palais with a towering and spectacular work of art. In this seventh edition, the challenge fell on Chinese artist Huang Yong Ping and his meditation on globalisation as the new empire.

Returning to China in the year 2000 after 11 years away, Huang Yong Ping was struck by the drastic transformation of the landscape, and in particular by the mountains of containers now invading the ports … read on

[FRANCE TODAY MAY 2016]Huan-Yong-Ping-Empires-Monumenta-2016-at-the-Grand-Palais-Paris-©Sylvia-Davis

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